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Can I get a false positive?

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I took a pregnancy test on 10th of may because I’ve noticed brown discharge the last few days and it was positive. So I took one again yesterday (11th of may) and again this morning (12th of may) both of which were negative. 

Just wondering if the positive test could have been a false positive? Or perhaps because I haven’t missed my period yet could it just be too soon to tell?


  • Hi there

    False positives are very rare. And yours doesn't look like an indent line or anything like that, for example dye run. 
    So a couple of questions:
    - when did you test? In the mornings with FMU?
    - did you use the same brand each time?
    - when is your AF due?
  • Hi

    Yes, I tested in the morning when I did the original test and have since done another which has a very faint positive line. The negative ones however were later in the day which is why they may have come back negative. 

    I have used the same brand but different types of tests once with the the clear blue rapid and clear blue ultra early. 

    My period is due in around 3 days as well. 

    I’ve booked a doctors appointment to advise me of the next steps and to check everything.

    Thank you for responding! 

  • That sound all very plausible to me and makes sense.
    You're still early, many women only got a positive after AF was due. So there's that! You took the first test with FMU where you usually find the highest concentration of hcg. And you used different tests. 
    So in conclusion: no, I don't think that was a false positive :) Good luck and keep us posted! xx
  • Update: I went and had a blood test on Friday which came back negative so I think it may have been a false positive. 

    My doctor suggested to have another blood test in a few days to make sure but I think it’s best I just wait and see if my period comes this week and go from there. 

    Thanks for your help, thought I’d just provide an update ☺️
  • Sorry to hear! But glad you know more now.
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