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12 week old baby and pregnant again

The title says it all does anybody else have such a close age gap? I’ve just found out I’m pregnant again I only had my son 3 months ago I’m so shocked 😳 it was the one time!


  • Same thing happened to me,I believe it's when your at your most fertile .congratulations!
  • Thank you, how did you cope I’m so scared I know how hard newborns are and labour🙈 it’s my own fault for not being careful but you just never think it’s going to happen 😂
  • I coped fine but i was 20 at the time,had all the energy just get on with little one had just took her first steps when I had her sister times.on a positive note they are very close and they are 25 and 26 will be fine
  • I found out I was pregnant again when my daughter was 3 months, I wasn't expecting it to happen but I'm happy I have number 2 on the way and they can be best friends and close together
  • Hi girls thanks for the reply I’m so confused as after the positive tests I started to bleed then I got a negative test so I assumed it was a chemical pregnancy now 2 weeks later I’ve got a faint positive not sure what on earth is happening :( 
  • I Got pregnant not long after I had my daughter, my husband and I were kind of trying again, I'm just over half way now and its starting to get to be a bigger struggle, but I'm happy.

    Happy to chat with anyone 
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