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Bleeding & pain in lower tummy

I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. I went for a scan yesterday they said baby is fine but I'm still bleeding its like a brownie colour and I'm in some pain in my lower tummy can anyone help me with this  


  • Hi try not to worry I had brown spotting at about 6 n a half weeks and I’m still getting the odd cramps now at almost 12 weeks x
  • Thank you so much  Its just so worrying coz I never got this with my other 2 when I was pregnant with them but saying that it was nearly 11 yrs ago. The pain in my lower tummy is that bad some times I have to have some painkillers. 
  • Bless ya just try and rest when you can, I’ve had a horrific time with this one so far and I honestly wouldn’t have known I was pregnant with my girls but like you say that was years ago mine are almost 12 and 7 now x
  • I have try to rest when I can but its be abit hard with working 4 12 hrs shift & then coming home & doing the homework... I just need this bleeding to stop I will have be bleeding about a week now ! I no that's want I said to my mum my older child is 16 &  other is 10 nxt weeks so it's be a long time for me & I'm doing all over again 🤣
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