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Pregnancy fixed term contract

Hi guys, so I am supposed to sign a 6 month fixed term contract in Monday , and I just found out I am one month pregnant, the job is from home and I don’t know if I have to tell for my employer. I think if I say , that I won’t get my another contract and won’t have right for maternity leave , but if I don’t say and get another six months contraxt then I would have right for maternity leave, otherwise I would not. Legally I would have to say 15 weeks before my due date and if I get another six months there still wouldn’t be 15 weeks before my due, so I just want to know if it would be alright if I say it only after and if I sign the second contract ?


  • I'd go ahead and sign it wight telling them, you're under no obligation to tell them until your 25weeks
  • Same I would sign it and tell them when you’re a bit further along x
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