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Spotting at 11 weeks

Hi eveyone, I am 11 weeks and 5 days pregnant I had a bit of spotting when I wiped this morning but nothing since. Should I be concerned? Has anyone else had this before? X


  • I bled for the first 10 weeks of my last pregnancy and no cause was found, I had a bit at around 7 weeks with this pregnancy too. Try to take it easy and if it picks up or gets painful  speak to your midwife or gp x
  • @Lh8609 Thankyou lovely with it being my first I’m just extremely nervous and I don’t want to feel like I’m wasting anyone’s time if it’s nothing especially if it hasn’t happened since this morning. Has both of your pregnancy’s ended up ok for you? X
  • You’re never wasting anyone’s time hun. Yes my youngest is 7 and a half now and I’m almost 14 weeks with this one and so far so good xxx
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