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Help Bleeding heavy with cramps but baby ok

This is my first time ever posting. But wanted to know if anyone else experienced the same. Im 7+3 weeks. I've been bleeding heavy like a period for 3 days. With cramping and clots (sorry tmi). I had a internal on the first day cervix was closed. But bleeding just got worse so presumed it was all over. Ive had a scan today the sonographer said baby is healthy growing how it should with a healthy heart beat. And can see no cause for concern and no reason for the bleed. We are so happy but slightly worried what the bleeding is and if it cpuld go on to cause miscarriage. The lady said if your worried in a week come back. Has this happened to anyone else please? Still bleeding very heavy and cramping. 


  • I didn’t have heavy bleeding but I did bleed with cramps up till 10 weeks with my youngest and they never found a cause. My partners ex didn’t find out she was pregnant with their youngest until 24 weeks as she literally had a normal period every month throughout her whole pregnancy she he was absolutely fine x
  • My friend had the same thing not too long ago in her last pregnancy and as yourself she was quite worried too . She works get heavy bleeding every now and again through her entire pregnancy but the baby was alright and very healthy. Even her doctors couldn't figure it out. So I would say don't worry and hopefully it will all be fine. Don't stress too much .
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    Thank you so much for your replies. It makes me feel so much better that other people have had it and gone on to be ok because ive only heard negative stories. Thank you
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