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Pregnancy Tests Suck!!!

One would think that it would be easy to take a test, read the results in the given time frame as suggested on the box, and know for a certainty whether you are pregnant or not. However that is not the case for me, I took the test and followed the directions as I was supposed to and I have taken several subsequent tests after that (a few days a part each time) and I get the same result on all of them - A VERY FAINT LINE - I do have a doctor's appointment coming up to find out if I am or not but I thought I may ask you ladies what your thoughts are, is it an indention line or is it a positive test? I am attaching two pictures of the same test one is in regular color and the same test in black and white. Let me know your thoughts!

Note: I have been throwing up consistently for a few weeks I can't hold anything down and even smells make me throw up hence why I tried the pregnancy test in the first place, but I assumed if my body was responding in such an obvious way my HCG would be pretty high and I should be getting thick lines??


  • Looks positive to me it looks like the line is slightly pink in colour, therefore more likely a positive result than an evap or indent line. Hope the doctor can confirm for sure! X
  • @Lh8609 Thank you for that reply!! It makes me feel like I'm not so crazy if others can see it also!!
  • Looks like my very early positives at 9dpo x
  • Hi guys sorry to jump on your thread, would any one say this is positive? MIL thinks its an evap line as it didnt come up strong until 8 minutes after the test was done? Took another a few hour later and it was quite faint. This one though is with FMU, and 3 days before period due. Any one had this?
    Thank you & congratulations 
  • Looks positive to me but I don’t trust blue dye tests, id use a frer if I were you they’re much more sensitive too. Good luck! X
  • @Laela looks positive to me also but I agree with Lh8609 I don't trust the blue dye tests. Mine was postive via DR but they believe I had a chemical pregnancy, so I hope you have a successful pregnancy if it ends up being a true positive! 
  • @CouldItBe2021 thank you, i did do pink strip test just a cheap one and the faintest line came up. Weve miss carried twice at 6 weeks and had 3 chemicals in the last 14 months so had stoped trying in April to save heartbreak. So this has me so on edge xx 
  • This was my first chemical pregnancy so I don't know what you went through but this has been pretty hard on me. My sister had several chemical pregnancies and miscarriages she pressured the doctor on what could be going on and they kept telling her that some women are just prone to having them well she wanted to know for 100% fact that there was nothing medically going on and she convinced her Ob-Gyn to run a full woman's panel on her the results came back that she had ureaplasma which is a bacteria that any person can carry but it can go in and abort babies it is also something that they do not test for on a regular pap smear once they treated her for that oh, she had to take medication for about 6 weeks, right after that she got pregnant and had a full-term pregnancy and gave birth to a beautifully healthy baby girl. Before trying again I am going to have my OBGYN run a full panel on me so that I don't experience the same heartbreak that she had best of luck to you on your pregnancy!
  • I’m so sorry to hear of your losses, wish you all the baby dust for the future x
  • Hi I was in the same boat a few months ago kept using first response, but the used a clear blue digital early and came up pregnant straight away it was till a week later that first response came up with a line dark enough to read, so maybe try another test and I was pregnant with twins so generally that shows up early, good luck 😬
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