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Pink spotting at 5wks 4days

Hi ladies, I'm having a bit of a flap.. So I'm 35 with 3 children with my ex husband. I remarried 6 years ago this and We found out last week we were pregnant again after 10 miscarriages over the course of the last 4 year. Last night before bed I noticed a bit of very light pink tinged staining on the toilet roll after wiping (it's a terrible habit of looking after I wipe but after what we've been through I can't help it) I wore a sanitary pad to bed last night and there was nothing on it when I used the bathroom this morning but there was light pink "spotting" again when I wiped. I'd usually call EPAU but I'm self isolating until Saturday as my husband and daughter are both covid positive so I'm honestly not sure what to do or shall I just do nothing? I'm booked for an early scan on Tuesday morning due to being do high risk. Thanks in advance. Kim 


  • Try and stay positive, I bled till 10 weeks with my youngest and they never found a cause. I also had brown pink spotting at around 6 weeks with this baby but so far we are 19 weeks and all good. Best of luck for your scan, just try and rest if you can and take it easy x
  • How did your scan go? 
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