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Covid at 9 weeks

Hello there everyone,

I'm hoping someone can just give me a bit of reassurance (I'm a terrible worrier over things I cannot control)

As the title suggest, I'm currently 9 weeks pregnant with my second, I've had a loss of symptoms over the past few days, with the only one being I need to pee frequently and I'm tired. 

I tested positive for covid on Wednesday morning. I'm in a constant state of tiredness, with a headache, cough (that's easing up), runny nose and I've now lost my sense of smell/taste.

I'm super worried about the baby, I haven't had any vaccines as I'm not 100% comfortable that they're as safe in pregnancy as they say they are. I haven't had any bleeding or anything like that, my first scan is 20th August, and I've told my partner I think we should prepare for the worst and then anything else is a plus.

Has anyone else had any experience of covid this early? I can't help feeling that I'm definitely over thinking everything at the moment.

Thanks for reading :) 


  • Hi, 
    I had covid and tested positive for it when I was 6 weeks pregnant. I was off work for 5 weeks with it in the end as was quite unwell.  I’m now 36+2 and baby is absolutely fine. I think somethings the symptoms of covid out weigh your pregnancy symptoms so you feel like you’ve lost them. Try not to worry to much. 
    I am now doubly vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine, even though Iv had covid so aware I had some antibodies. I’m a nurse and unfortunately have seen what effect covid has had on some people (including pregnant ladies within intensive care) so once the research from the states was released I was happy to go ahead with the vaccination. 
    Try to relax and enjoy being pregnant x
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