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Daily Doppler use

Hello Mums,
Im currently 24+6 pregnant and I got myself a Doppler very early in my pregnancy (9-10weeks). I was able to find the heart beat easily & could distinguish between it & other sounds.
I used it DAILY for a couple /few minutes until a few weeks ago (I have since used it a few times only plus midwife check ups), meaning bubs has had well over 800mins exposure to the Doppler :(
I’m only just now reading about the potential harm due to heating of foetal tissue & possible implications for brain development etc.
I’m wanting to hear from other mummas who used a Doppler DAILY in their pregnancy please. 
Have there been any developmental implications? Or any kind of damage to your baby/child as a result of this exposure?

I am so grateful to hear from you.

Thank you 


  • i bought one when i was prego with my daughter and use it every day my daughter is completely healthy and i use it with my current pregnancy as well and am the same 24 weeks and my baby is healthy its ok just be careful using it for long periods of time other than that your baby will be just fine 

  • Thank you so much. I really appreciate this reassurance :) 
    congratulations on your second pregnancy x
  • thank you love :)

  • and congrats to you as well :)

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