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Can this happen? Falling pregnant with outer ejaculation, HELP

I'm torn. And I quite believe I'm in my own head at this point.

I have two sons. (5)+(3) and I miscarried in June 2020.

I haven't been actively trying to conceive. But lately (past month or so) my husband has been broody as anything. Making me broody like mad. We have spoken about trying for another baby, but have personal circumstances that need to be dealt with first. This is relevant to my question as I'm trying to highlight that there's been a lot of baby talk in the house.

Anyway , last Thursday (12th aug) me and my husband got busy. He ended up *finishing* on my vagina. Not directly in. But in the heat of the moment I rubbed it in. I didn't push anything in. But I helped my self *get there* whilst there was semen all over my groin area.

Now I know how unlikely it is to fall pregnant with out ejaculation directly inside.

But the past week I've had heavy cramping. My boobs have leaked milk. I have had a huge amount of discharge (which I am not the kind to get before a period ) I was ill last week (thought it was good poisoning.) And have been crazy bloated.

I have always been a very early shower symptom wise during both my pregnancies. And Im feeling that funny way that I did when I was previously pregnant , all three times I knew instantly before testing and missed period.

This time I'm worried because it's something I want so bad that I've created a sort of phantom pregnancy type of thing. And that it's all in my head.

I am due my period 26aug. but I never get symptoms before hand. So the symptoms I'm getting now ( or feel I'm having ) are really throwing me off.

I'm just curious if anyone has been through this ?

I know I could just test but it's something I'm reluctant to do if I'm honest due to the miscarriage. Seeing the negative I feel might really hinder the progress I've made on my mental health.

Any advice / opinions are so so welcome.

First time posting to a forum. :)


Thank you ladies :)


  • Hi there! Well, while it's highly unlikely to get pregnant like that, it's not entirely impossible. If I calculate correctly you were exactly around your ovulation date when it happened. But even then, it would take a day or two for implantation to happen, before any symptoms would show. You said you started having all these symptoms last week already, that would have been a bit too early. I think it's more likely that your mind is playing tricks on you. Whatever the outcome, I hope it's what you're wishing for! xx
  • I believe that also, i think because i had a miscarriage, its just been something ive really wanted, and unfortunately , i feel i may have let my personal feelings cloud my judgement. 

    thank you for taking the time to reply though, i appreciate your time. xx
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