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New scared mum - help and advise please!

Hi, a close friend just found out she’s pregnant, it’s unplanned and unexpected so she is very scared and unsure where to start, she has a lot of fears and concerns and just needs a little reassurance and direction, I haven’t had any children myself so I’m trying to help anyway I can but I’m very limited in knowledge.

I tried to ring the GP for her and got told to ring a maternity ward who said the GP need to refer her and to ring them, so I rang them again however the receptionist said that she needs to see the midwife at the practice but that the midwife is only there on a Thursday, my friend has yet to tell anyone and isn’t ready to so she doesn’t want to tell work she’s expecting yet as it’s a small office. 

She works 8-6 mon-fri, she took two days off when she found out she was pregnant but wasn’t ready to see a doctor or anything due to shock, so she isn’t in a position to take another another random day off, so my question is what is she meant to do does she need to book in with a midwife and get like a plan of action and how can she possibly get around the issue of there only being one at the practice on a Thursday which is not going to be possible for quite a while due to work.

She’s very scared and just needs to talk to a medical professional about all her worries and get facts on what she can expect as I mentioned it is a very unexpected pregnancy and is feeling quite lost so I would like to know anything that may help.

The receptionist said the GP “wouldn’t know what to do” so she can’t book her in with a GP for pregnancy only the midwife, any information I would be really grateful for as well as any tips to help her believe in herself and get her confidence up for what’s to come
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