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Sorry if this is in wrong part of the forum!

has anyone else felt literally no symptoms after around 10 weeks?    I’m 11 weeks and a few days and for around a week now my symptoms seem to have disappeared.  Admittedly I wasn’t having it bad to start off with but I had nausea and food aversions quite a lot before.  I think the only thing I’m really feeling is anger sometimes, otherwise I don’t feel pregnant.   The 10 weeks can was perfect but can’t help but worry the worst. 


  • I felt horrendous till about 11/12 weeks, by 14 was feeling great! Don’t worry the aches and pains will soon set in to remind you you’re pregnant haha. I second the anger, with my 2 girls i was an emotional wreck I’m having my first boy this time and im so angry all the time 🤣🤣 Enjoy your pregnancy and try not to worry 🥰 
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