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Pregnancy after loss

So after a miscarriage in February, then being told I had pcos and would need help with conceiving. To my surprise I got my big fat positive on Thursday ❤️ And been filled with anxiety since. I will be 4 weeks tomorrow and suffering with lower pains and back pain… being referred for a scan but someone mentioned how an internal scan could do more harm than good😩😩 not bleeding so trying to stay positive but feels as if my period is about to start☹️


  • Too bad! I'm so sorry about your miscarriage :( keep up the hope, you'll have your baby soon!
  • @Lgx1 how have you been?

    if it helps, I feel like my period is about to start until about 8 weeks of pregnancy! I think it’s very normal. Also pregnant after a loss, sending hugs x
  • Not great, my HCG levels had been rising by double and more everytime… got them taken again on Friday, came back on the Saturday that they hadn’t even risen by 200 never mind double ☹️ Will be 6 weeks on Tuesday and getting another internal scan to see what way it’s going… been told to bring support 😭 no pain and no bleeding but have lost faith. Midwife said it sounds like the baby may not be growing accordingly so this waiting around is like mental torture ☹️. Hope all is well with you ❤️Xxx
  • Hi @Lgx1 so sorry, to hear this... did you have your second scan? I really hope your midwife was wrong. Sending you love and support whatever the outcome xxx
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