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Have you had the pfizer vaccine in early pregnancy?

I'm around 5 weeks pregnant and had my second Pfizer vaccine yesterday. I can't help but think that something is going to happen to the pregnancy and it'll stop developing! I've had a MMC before so I'm already anxious anyway! Everything I've read says it's ok but can anyone else reassure me? 😭


  • hey hun. Hope you are ok. I had my second Pfizer jab yesterday and I am 8+5 
    woke up this morning feeling really really sick and super tired…. can’t decide if it’s from the jab or if morning sickness and tiredness has just got me! 

    Try not to worry. I know it’s easier said than done and I was worrying about the same thing but stress is no good for you or baby: there have been studies on pregnant women etc. They wouldn’t let you have it if they thought there was a big risk xxx 
  • @Nat-ttc2 thank you for the reply it helps knowing I'm not the only one!

     It's so hard being so early because there is nothing that can reassure me without movements or anything, but ultimately I know that I have to let everything be and just try and be positive!

    Congratulations on your pregnancy, not too far off your 12 week scan for some reassurance ❤
  • @MrsD90 thanks hun. Congrats to you also. My scan seems to be a long time coming…. I found out I was pg at 4 weeks, day af was due so it seems to have gone really slow to this point. 
    Do you have any symptoms yet? Xx
  • @Nat-ttc2 thank you! I also found out at 4 weeks and can't believe it's only been a week!
    I've felt a bit nauseous but that's all!
  • Awwww bless you. Nausea hit me this morning after my jab 🤢🤢🤢 only thing keeping me from being sick is ginger biscuits. When are you due? Xx
  • Hi @MrsD90 try not to worry, lots of women have had it with no issues, as Nat says they wouldn’t recommend it if they didn’t think it was safe. I’m not having mine till my little boys here but I’ve had Covid 3 times now the most recent being when I was about 20 weeks and I didn’t even know I had it,  ironically my fully vaxxed fiancée was pretty ill 🤷🏻‍♀️ But the only reason I’m not having it is cuz I tested positive for antibodies so I know Ive passed some on to him already and hopefully i can have it after and pass even more on through breast feeding. The main thing is you do what feels right for you, you’re protected and baby will get lots of those good antibodies 😄 x
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