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Pregnant or not!?

So my last normal period was in august 14th-18th and had unprotected sex during my ovulation period multiple times. Within a week and a half I started getting headaches and feeling very tired. My period was due in the 9th of September. On the 10th September I had pink discharge which changed to brown. The following day I had some blood but not period flow the whole day and the day after. After that nothing. So to clarify I bled for two days. After this I took 4 pregnancy tests which were all positive clear blues. I can’t confirm if this was implantation bleeding or just a stranger period…
During that period I had lower back pain headaches and was napping quite a bit.
Now I have lower back pain now and again not constant, headaches have improved, still tired and I have insomnia and bloated belly still. My breasts are also starting to feel tender but they do look bigger to me and I noticed that since last week.
My concern is that on the 19th September I took a test and it was positive, since then I took another clear blue mid day which was negative and another one which was very faint so can’t confirm if it is faint or evap..

I’m not sure what to do - do you think it is too early to test because if that was implantation bleeding then technically that’s when I would have been officially pregnant , which would make it 2 weeks 1 day since that finished. So would that mean it’s too early on to test hence the positives and negatives ?. 

Could someone help me out here and tell me if I should test once I miss my October period which is due on the 8th?
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