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Threatened miscarriage

After miscarrying in February, I have fell pregnant with my rainbow baby and it’s been a living nightmare from get go 😭
First test my HCG, it was doubling and tripling everytime. Then they left me 4 days and it had only risen by 500 so was told the baby had probably stopped growing and I would miscarry. Went for a scan 4 days later and the woman said I wasn’t pregnant until I begged her to look again and there was a sack measuring at 5 weeks exactly but she couldn’t see anything forming inside so yet again was told I would miscarry. Went for a scan a week later after starting to spot and the midwife was amazing, first time in this pregnancy I felt relaxed. Everything was fine and told if it gets any heavier or clots I was to phone and they would see me straight away…bleeding became heavier and clots began, so phoned and they refused to see me for another week. A week later and still bleeding went for another scan expecting the baby to have passed and to my surprise the baby had doubled in size again and got the see the heartbeat ❤️ Only to be told from the midwife that the sac is lower down my womb and sac is ragged so she’s certain I will miscarry. I have now been bleeding for 12 days and they won’t see me for another 2 weeks. My heart is broken, my head is all over the place. Praying that this little bean keeps defying all the odds and stays cooking away. 3 times av been told I will miscarry and everytime I have went expecting the worse the baby has grown more and more 🥺


  • So sorry love- just seen this after your other post- I can’t believe you have been left in limbo like this! What absolute torture!!

    How have you been since? Do you still have to wait another week for your scan? My EPU were equally as unhelpful in my last pregnancy. The baby had stopped growing but as it had a heartbeat they wouldn’t re-scan me. I hope you are doing as well as you possibly can x
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