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TMI my story heavy bleeding with clots early pregnancy

I went to the hospital 2 weeks ago at 5 weeks pregnant as I started bleeding when I got there they could see a sac but no yolk or fetal pole and booked me back in for 2 weeks later over the 2 weeks the bleeding became much heavier and I started loosing clots which at one point I bled clots for about 10 minutes non stop . The bleeding continued after this so I gave up hope that my baby could ever survive this much bleeding. Well yesterday was the day for the scan and to my amazement they found my baby with a heart beat the bleed was caused by a sch under the sac no where near the baby so this story is to just give a little hope to momma to be who are waiting for that dreaded scan after bleeding don’t loose hope bleeding don’t always mean the worst so hold on to hope and take it easy .


  • Thank you for sharing @Tan1230!!

    so many women experience bleeding in early pregnancy- I’m sure this will give them some reassurance :) 

    so glad everything is ok!
  • I'm 5 weeks and bleeding too
  • Hi julietcecile I’m sorry to hear your going through this aswell it’s such a horrible thing the not knowing do you mind me asking how bad your bleeding is and if you went for an early scan my bleeding was so bad ranging from brown to bright red and clots from tiny to really big to the point I thought there was no way the baby could have survived. I am not 16 weeks pregnant and bleeding stopped a week after my first post and none since. I found out it was a sch under the sac but not near the baby which went on it’s own. Please don’t loose hope and I am praying that your little one sticks and you carry on to have a happy and healthy pregnancy please come back to update at any time and if you need anyone to speak to at this difficult time drop a message and I will be happy to reply to you as I no I needed all the support I could get at that time.
  • Hi  Tan 1230 same here.started with brown colour discharge then moved to red two days later.after that Heavy bleeding with clots.i did an ultrasound yesterday too.saw the sac baby still small.was adviced to rest and to drink plenty of fluids.Thank you for your support.i will keep you updated.Had a miscarriage about 3 months ago at 11 weeks
  • I’m so grateful I found this post. I am 5 weeks and 4 days. I started spotting brown blood last Wednesday and went for a scan Thursday where they saw two gestational sacs and yolk sacs but no heart beats yet but said everything looked ok. Since I have been bleeding on off ranging from pink to heavy and I have lost a clot. I am so worried I have lost them both. I have a scan Tuesday morning and hoping to see two heart beats but so worried. 
  • Me too am grateful I found this post. Based on the LMP I am about 5 weeks. and I started spotting brown blood 5 days ago and it was really little then it became a little more but not till it filled up the panty liner. Just whenever I wipe after I pee. I have yet to go for a scan and am waiting for the scan on 28 Jan. I am on a Dydrogesterone pill while waiting for the scan. I had a miscarriage 3 months ago and I really hope this lil bean sticks.
  • Hi elr sorry to hear you are also going through what I went through at the stage you are I went for my scan with the heavy bleeding and I had sac but no yolk or anything else it was empty at that point so it’s good they found the yolk at this point sounds very positive my bleeding ranged in colour mainly bright red and clots of all sizes I was sure there was no chance the baby could survive this but they are so strong even at this stage stay positive get plenty of rest and pls keep me updated with how you go I have my fingers crossed for you and I hope everything works out fine which I’m sure it will 
  • Mylecyoj brown blood is old blood so that’s good news I started bleeding at an early stage and mine got to the point of filling up a pad every couple of hours at some points clots bright red and my little bean still stuck in there pls stay hydrated and rest as much as you can I also had a miscarriage before this pregnancy so I no how scary these uncertain times are I hope little bean hangs in there for you and I’m sure it will I had a bleed away from the sac and apparently it is quite common for it to happen and bleed out I’m now 20 weeks pregnant with my little girl and she’s healthy and constantly kicking away keep me posted with updates and I am hear to chat at any time if you have any questions about my situation stay strong for yourself and your little bean 
  • Thank you Tan1230 I have another scan tomorrow morning so keeping everything crossed they are both still ok🤞I still feel very pregnant but don’t want to get my hopes up incase. I have had 3 miss miscarriages and 2 full miscarriages and they felt different to this so I am trying to stay positive x
  • Pls keep me updated with how you get on tomorrow I wish you all the best and I will keep checking for updates I have everything crossed for you and will be thinking of you tomorrow big hugs sent to you 
  • Thank you @Tan1230 for sharing your experience with me. It has definitely put my mind at ease a lot. I am still spotting as of today and feel crampy. It was so different from my pregnancy with my son. 

    I feel very positive about this pregnancy especially after hearing about your experience. I can't imagine what you been through and glad that your girl stayed strong for you. I actually miss being pregnant and feeling those lil kicks when they are inside. I hope you enjoy every moment of your pregnancy till you pop. Will update again.

    @Elr Thinking of you today. Hope the scan turn out well
  • To my utter surprise everything is fine. Both babies have grown and have strong heart beats! She confirmed I have a bleed under the placenta and she thinks this could make me continue to bleed for a few more days or a week. I was prepared for the worst and totally overwhelmed everything is ok! Thank you for you support! Good luck to everyone on their pregnancy journeys xx
  • elr that is amazing news I’m so happy for you that everything is perfect with your babies I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy been waiting for this update and I’m so glad you got the good news x

    milecyoj I had all the cramping with my bleeding aswell all in all I think I had my bleeding for 7 weeks non stop pls do keep me updated with how your doing and how the scan goes on the 28th and in the mean time if you need anyone. To talk to I will be here to help as much as I can stay positive rest up and drink lots of fluid take care x
  • @Elr
    Happy for you!! I wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy too.

    Thank you for the advice. I am drinking lots of fluid and putting up a positive mind. I wish you too for a happy and healthy pregnancy.

    Will update again soon.
  • @Tan1230
    Hello ladies. I thought I should give an update. I went for the scan and we have a heartbeat. I am about 7 weeks and everything looks fine. The spotting comes from the lining of old blood that the doc can see just below the sac. So long as it didn't turn to red blood I should not be worried. That was what my gynae told me. 

    Having to read your experience has helped me a lot during this time. Thank you so much :smile:
  • Milecyoj that is amazing news I’m so happy for you and been waiting for your update at least you can rest a bit now knowing your little one is doing okay I hope you have a happy and healthy pregnancy and look forward to everyone’s updates as pregnancy progresses big hugs x
  • Thank you @Tan1230 will update on my progress. Good thing is my spotting seems to get lesser today. Fingers crossed it will stay that way and the nausea will go away after the first trimester. I am remembering now why I told my husband when I was pregnant with my son that we have to wait awhile to have the second. Its totally uncomfortable and I get so tired. Even more so that I am away on a holiday and having to take care of my son 24/7. 
  • Me and my husband was trying fo awhile now to conceive I have irregular period so I don't know when I ovulate from the 15th of January 2022 I've been experiencing symptoms but don't know if I am I took a cheap home pregnancy test and it was negative but I've been having headaches I spotted for couple days not fullng a panty shield I also experienced mild cramping and also lil intense cramping also twinge butterfly feeling in my lower abdomen for couple minutes uses one night then the next morning again for another couple minutes my period still didn't came down heavy not even a flow today is the 2nd of February and I'm still experiencing off and on vaginel bleeding and mild cramping I also felt sticky pains in my left and right ovaries I've never had this before can anybody tell me if they ever experienced anything similar and find out that their pregnant?
  • Dear Sands12, I hope you already have your answers. I would advise to see a doctor to know for sure. Before I am pregnant I was always symptom spotting and it differs each cycle even to the time I found out I am pregnant this time round. I don't actually have much symptoms.
  • I am 5 weeks 4 days and 2 days ago I started to spot. Then last night I passed a big blood clot but have had no other bleeding since then :( thank you for making this post it does give me some hope while I wait to go to the doctor l. Do you guys recommend going to the Er?
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