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Possible twins

I went for an early scan due to bleeding and was told there was baby and heartbeat and that was all but I can’t help but think my scan pic looks like 2 separate babies or it might just be my imagination as I’ve never had a pic that looks like this any ideas really appreciated 


  • You are right, it does look like two but surely they would have mentioned it? 
  • Thanks for you reply that’s what shocked me they just said everything looked fine and bleeding wasn’t anything to worry about it wasn’t till I looked at the pic I noticed 
  • It could be the placenta, ask at your next appointment with hospital/ community midwife
  • @Tan1230
    I’m intrigued did you find out if it was twins? 
    They should of definitely let you know if it was multiples due to needing extra care.
    I had my twin boys this year and could not mistake them on a scan but they were non identical x
  • Just waiting on next scan now should be any day now as I’m 12 weeks on Sunday so will update and let you no the outcome x
  • @Tan1230
    aww good luck. X
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