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Hemarroids/ piles

Hi I’m just after some advice really. Friday night I experienced loads of pain around my anus, didn’t sleep! I went to the pharmacy but they refused to give me anything so had to wait until Monday to see the Dr. 
I managed to see a nurse practitioner who examined me and said that there is a rather large haemorrhoid but wasn’t sure what can give to treat as the makers say not to use when pregnant! She called the dr that said as I’m 32 weeks pregnant I should be ok and to use 3-4 times a day. The nurse then said she’s only use it once a day if needed. I don’t know what to do!
Last night, after going to the toilet there was loads of blood and it seemed to be smaller and now inside my bum. Felt loads better though, but large amount of blood. 
Today I noticed that I had a dark brown/ red mark in my knickers but in the crutch area not near my back passage where there was also blood stains. I’ve rung the drs again as I’m still bleeding, but waiting a response. I don’t know what to do? Would you use the cream? Do you think the blood in the crutch is from my haemorrhoid or something else?
sorry for the long message, has anyone had anything similar or any advice? Thank you x
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