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16 week gender ultrasound correct?

Hi I was wondering if anyone could give there opinion, we had a early gender scan today at 16 weeks and they said boy, I just can’t help but think it may not be correct? In the pictures it looks like the ‘hamburger’ they say for girls and with our first boy his was much more obvious.. what do you think??


  • That does look like a boy to me but I see what you mean! Boys can image as 3 lines though. Will you ask them to recheck at your 20 week scan? I know someone who got told boy at 3 scans and had a girl 5 weeks ago x
  • @Lh8609 yeh just confused me with the whole 3 lines thing and not being as obvious as my first boys scan.. 
    yeh will deffo get it re checked at 20 weeks for peace of mind x
  • Keep us posted! X
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