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When does the sickness stop?

I am currently 12 weeks 4 days pregnant and still feeling awful with nausea. I've been physically sick once but I feel sick all day long. I work full time and do shift work so my body is constantly changing routine. I am struggling with the shifts and the nausea. I am on antisickness pills but they don't work. I am mentally struggling,  can someone give me any advice to help? Any advice will be brilliant. 


  • Hey so they say sickness will calm down by the second trimester but everyone is different  you can get sickness right through your pregnancy unfortunately but this is hopefully not the case for you 🤞

    Stuff that may help is good pregnancy vitamins ( loved pregnacare max) cheaper from amazon 
    Ginger ale also helped with nausa for me just sips here and there 

    Small light thing to snack on like cracker you can keep in your pocket or bag 

    And make aure your drinking enough water not loads but enough 

    Hope any of this helps 🙏 
    And congratulations on your baby mama ❤
  • Hi Kayciee

    I've been eating ginger biscuits and drinking ginger and lemon tea but sometimes if the nausea is really bad nothing works..maybe fresh air helps abit. It can be so horrible and make me not want to go out and see family or friends. I take 1 day at a time. Thanks for the advice. I know can't actually believe I am gonna be a mummy! It's been so long waiting 😁xx
  • Hopefully it clears by 13 weeks for you so you can start to enjoy your pregnancy xxx
  • 🤞🤞xx
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