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Hello mamas to be,
I am pannie, pregnant with twins and I would to ask a few questions hope you will answer them 😊
1.why will my belly button pop out but not going inside? It is very embarrassing on street.
2. How do I prevent others rubbing and touching my belly because I don’t feel very comfortable.
3. When will babies start to kick?
4. What kind of oil is needed to rub on bEloy to prevent stretch marks because twin belly kinda big?

so these are my questions you may comment down I need some advice! This is my first 🤰 pregnancy. Thanks so much. Feel free to share baby belly photos with me we can chat if you like!


  •  Just want to say a massive Congratulations mama  thats amazing.
    I have two kids and hopefully a third on the way 🤞
    1. Your belly button may pop put just because of the placenta needing room to grow and will go back after pregnancy.
    2. You just need to be tell people that your uncomfortable about people touching your tummy or just say your stomach is a little sensitive right now.
    3. Babys start to kick between 16-24 weeks ( can happen earlier that that or maybe a little later depending on if your placenta is anterior(position to the front)
    4 as for stretch marks you can use like bio oils and coco butter and drinking more water can help make skin more stretchy. But to be honest it really does come down to your genetics so no matter what you do you may still get them.

    hoped any of this helped ❤❤
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