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12 days late… 2 lines and 22 years old

My period is 12 days late, and I was having all the basic symptoms which I convinced myself was pms, but my friend convinced me to take a test. So I did. The two lines appeared faster than usain bolt running a 100m. This wasn’t planned and is very out the blue. Not even that long ago I had one too many drinks so thought there’s no chance I could be pregnant. But low and behold the two lines say otherwise. I’m shitting a brick, I’m happy, I’ve always wanted to be a mum, a young mum, but I’m so worried as my partner has said for a while now that he’s not ready. When I told him he was shocked and quite and said he didn’t know what to think as he’s not ready and just wants time alone. Which therefore makes me fill up with anxiety, for obvious reasons. But then the next step of anxiety is how the fuck do I tell my parents. I’m so anxious I could vomit. I don’t know what to think I don’t know what to do. Please help me, I need advice.


  • Hey read your post and just eant to say a massive congratulations mama, i am and was a young mum and had the same kind of situation.
    I got pregnant and it was a shock especially for my partner and the thought of telling anyone i was pregnant was so scary but honestly it always works out and people will surprise you after the enitail shock.
    My peace of advice is just to tell people and tell them how your feeling and how you where worried to tell them.
     I promise that this is a blessing and it will change your life in the most beautiful ways.
    Sending so much love , hope it all goes well ❤❤

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