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Am I feeling baby moved at 14+1

This is my first pregnancy, so in terms of feeling movements etc I'm not too sure what to expect. From 12 weeks I was feeling gentle tapping from what felt like inside my womb, I felt this on a number of occasions. Went for my dating scan when I was 13+2, baby was moving around, kicking quite alot which I couldn't feel. Now I'm 14 weeks and it feels almost as if the inside of my womb is rolling around and feels like a fish swimming inside me. I'm just confused as people have said I won't feel movements until I'm atleast 18 weeks as its my first pregnancy, so am not sure if it's just my womb expanding for baby. It's definitely not a feeling I've ever felt before in my body


  • I think it’s definitely possible to feel baby at 14 weeks! I felt my little one move from 14 weeks and it’s my second baby so I know what I’m looking for! Fish in a bag is exactly how I describe it!

    Dont panic if you don’t feel them every day. Around 17 weeks I stopped feeling him but all was fine and they are so tiny they can hide in there!
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