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2 possible dads

Hi all, I can imagine there has been many discussions with regards to this but I'm so lost, this is my first baby and the fact that I have 2 possible dad's really puts me in a state of panic. 
My period is generally a few days apart not as regular as it should be. I also suffer with endometriosis. 

The first possible dad and I had slept together July 7th, which I experienced bleeding on the 12th of July.. I can not remember exactly what it looked like but it only lasted for about 2 days. 
The 2nd possible dad and I slept together around the 26th of July. 

I am due on the 21st of April 2022. Currently 25 weeks pregnant as per the Dr 

I was fairly convinced that dad no2 was the dad until my second scan when the estimated age of my baby jumped by nearly 3 weeks. 

Is it possible that I had experienced implantation bleeding? And dad no 1 is the real dad. What are the chances?? 

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