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Don’t know wether I’m pregnant ?

Hello everyone , I’m due on in 2 days but feel weird in my self and took a pregnancy test and there’s a very faint line … going back to last year in august I took 12 pregnancy tests 9 came back postive and the rest came back negative and I had a Chemical pregnancy, I’m just wanting to know your opinions on my recent pregnancy test I took today x


  • Here’s another also it’s more clear in person x
  • Here’s the test darkened x
  • Hey @Shannonxox, I mean I’m no expert but I can definitely see a line there! The only thing I would suggest is maybe give it  a few more days and retest to see if the line is still there and also if it’s more prominent, also use your first urine of the day to test x
  • No problem Thankyou !xx
  • Hi hun did a line show up straight away or did you let it sit? I can see a line deffo if you take another test in the morning it should be darker also take an opk if that comes back positive it might be that your pregnant :) poas addict here I tested with opks and kept getting positives it was a fun way of testing without spending so much money haha 
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