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Implantation bleeding or period

Last month I saw my period on 28 it’s stopped on between 2,3 and 4th of this month then on the 6th didn’t have sex he didn’t come inside of me but before he came I felt the dick cap watery and he fingered me then come on my leg not inside still for careful reason I took postinor 2 that same morning normally I should be expecting my period on the 28 or least 29 but suprisly it came early this early morning it filled half the pad have another on it not full neither is it light and it’s reddish like my period am confused is it implantation bleeding or my period I don’t have cramps 


  • Implantation bleeding doesn’t fill half a pad I could be wrong but when I had implantation it was only a slight pink when I wiped I’m guessing your stressed about being pregnant? Stress can bring a period forward or delay it :) only way to know is take a test and if it’s negative take another test after a week to make sure :)
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