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Midwife driving me crazy !

I think I’m just going to have a little rant regarding my midwife. This is my second pregnancy so I know what to expect I understand the midwife is doing her job (abit too much) she’s a complete jobs worth! She’s trying to book me in for all these appointments and extra appointments and it’s driving me mad I no with a second pregnancy you don’t have so many appointments and I requested I didn’t have so many to lower risks of corona ( you can’t be too careful these days) she keeps trying to send me for growth scans which baby boy is always measuring small by 1cm out but that’s normal for me I’m a small women my first always measured 1cm out and they never had a problem before as it was 2cm either side but this midwife oh god she’s annoying me. I’m not worried about baby I’m 32 weeks and he’s been none stop moving for a while. Well I didn’t go to my 31 week appointment and the midwife turned up at my door I did cancel the appointment so it was a shock when she’s ringing my door bell (I have a 19 month old who I just got down for a nap I wasn’t exactly happy she turned up and woke her) before that I cancelled an appointment at 25 weeks and advised I don’t need this appointment as it’s my second baby and I felt not well with a cold and sore throat well after she text me back stating I still can come in HELLO ! I’ve just told you I have a sore throat and cold which could be corona (it isn’t as I took a test to be on the safe side) but she didn’t know that and still wanted me to come to an appointment full of cold ! Well now I’m getting letters stating my missed appointments will go to the gp and go on file. She also warned me if I missed anymore appointments I will be referred to social services ! On what grounds?!?!? Let’s just say my text i sent wasn’t excatly nice but I did politely tell her I don’t have to use a midwife service I can decline medical treatment if I choose to in the UK. This midwife is stressing me out big time anyone else have a problem with my first I had a midwife who didn’t care this time I have a midwife who won’t leave me alone wants to come round every 5 mins even though I told her I don’t want random people in my house who is based at a drs surgery with sick people. Rant over haha !
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