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CMPA -7 Week old

I took my son to the doctors as he has a rash on his face, top of chest and top of back 
 She quickly looked and said milk allergy and prescribed milk. He doesn't have bad nappy, some.days it's a watery poo and sometimes normal slush. The rash seems to be darker at night and lighter in morning but never goes, I googled and it looks like either Cmpa, baby acne or Hest rash? They all look similar! So I'm worried they have quickly changed the milk and it might not even be that? Anyone with a baby with cmpa who can tell me if there is an actual.test they can do? What if its viral/acne and naturally clears.anyway?


  • Hi only just seen this. The allergy test they tend to do after about a year old. Which is where they apply the proposed allergy substance onto the skin then do a tiny pinprick and check back in a few minutes to see for reactions. I hope by now you know exactly where your at though with it. Xx
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