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Young Teen confused and worried

Hello ladies- I am 4-5 weeks pregnant, two nights ago i experienced very light bleeding and cramping. I have been having alot of pain on my right pelvic and swelling in the area and have no idea what that is about, for a week. the bleeding started two nights ago before my actually period was supposed to start, i experienced cramping the first night- and the first actual day i was dizzy and lightheaded. During my periods i have always have had very heavy and dark blood no matter what. I took a lot of pregnancy tests and went to clinics and had my blood tested and i was confirmed pregnant. i’m just really scared and confused now. today is day 3 of bleeding- no cramping now is very light but i can still feel it coming. i have a scam later today but i’m not wanting to go and look dumb. 


  • Hope everything goes well for you! Good job for the scan as they will be able to check for eptopic with the swelling and pain on one side! Unfortunately when I have bled like this it hasn’t been good news but you do hear of people bleeding all the way through and baby is still ok! 
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