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Fetal Doppler

AlishaKymx8AlishaKymx8 Regular
edited Feb 13, 2022 5:28PM in Pregnancy
Hi mums 
I was wondering if fetal dopplers are safe? I have looked it up and it just says not to over use them 

Has anyone used it before and have you had any issues? 

TIA xx


  • I used it with my previous pregnancy and I’m using it now, but just sometimes and for a very short time,5 minutes no more,as soon as I detect the heart beat I stop.I’m almost 14 weeks and I used it just a couple of times but helped me a lot to calm my anxiety down since my pregnancy is pretty difficult I have an history of miscarriages.It cannot harm if you use it just for the right time,the only thing could be a bit of overheating since of the sonographic waves but if you keep using it for too long and too often I guess 
  • Thank you for your comment, I have one and I used on my other baby and he was fine my ultrasound tech scared me and said it harmful and I never heard such a thing before. 
    I only use it once I hear the heart beat and then I turn it off 
  • Probably said that to avoid the overuse and the possibile anxiety may create.So many people have it and also on medical and hospital’s web sites there is written dopplers aren’t harmful, just to use them with good sense
  • Thank you so much xx
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