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Bleeding in 5 weeks pregnancy

Hi ladies has any1 experience bleeding in the early stages of pregnancy. I jus found out I'm pregnant. The bleeding is off and on and scares me coz it's almost like a period but not dark and intense.


  • I found out I was pregnant around the same time as you. I am currently 12 weeks.

    I had brown spotting on my liner and it doesn't fill up the whole panty liner. Somedays are a lot more and some days are lesser. I consulted my gynae and she advised me to take Duphaston (a hormone pill) and went to see her when I was 7 weeks and still spotting at that time. During the scan she can see a lining of old blood. She told me that so long as it doesn't get red it is ok. I stopped spotting at 9.5weeks. 

    I have read other mom's experience here

    Hope it helps put your mind at ease.
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