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BFP then getting fainter

Hi all
I’m looking for opinions on this and I apologise it’s a long one. 
I don’t know when I ovulated as I don’t track anymore but it was around the last week in Jan. Tested 13th Feb and got a very faint BFP but then bled 14th to 16th slightly lighter than a period. Tested on 18th to check for BFN as assumed it was a chemical but got a darker test. I’ve had 6 losses so I like to keep testing for my reassurance as the doctor isn’t very helpful. Got a dark BFP with FRER on 25th Feb, test line as dark as control and a dark clear blue rapid too. Test on 27th looked lighter so I got more clear blue rapids and tried diluting for the hook effect and got a decent BFP again. Tested yesterday on FRER and there’s hardly a line, tried to dilute it for the hook effect but it’s the same, no lighter though?!? No bleeding since 16th Feb. 
The doctor said to test again next Monday and call them back. If it’s positive they will do an early scan. I should be 6 weeks 5 days today. The doctor won’t entertain doing bloods. 

Thanks for reading. I’m a bit all over the place right now. We’ve been TTC 3 years for number 2. 
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