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16 weeks and I'm huge!

I feel so big already , I mean I know they say the more you have the quicker you show, but I'm 16 weeks and I swear I look 20 weeks pregnant , anyone that has had more then one child feel like there so much bigger this time around? 


  • I’m on my fifth and I’m smaller this time lol m35 weeks
  • Omg lucky!! I'm so big but I think it might be a girl, with all my boys I was so small. Which is weird cause with them I would eat a lot. 
    But you look great for 35 weeks!!! Like damn 
  • I’m hoping for a girl! With my boys I have four of them lol I was larger. 
  • Really? You don't know what your having? Fingers crossed you get your girl, I have 6 boys so I know how you feel I hoping to hear girl at my ultrasound lol 
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