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Hi im having a bit of trouble and dilemma whether im pregnant or not as i did two clear blue tests and one came out positive and the other one came negative can someone tell me if the same problem has occur to them 



  • It’s not happened to me but I don’t think digital tests are as sensitive so need more hcg in your system to pick up the positive, keep trying 
  • It’s rare to get a false positive so it’s very likely you’re pregnant.
    Digital tests aren’t as sensitive so it’s likely you’re not producing high enough hcg to be detected!

    You can always get tested by your gp/family doctor to confirm x
  • JL2022JL2022 Regular
    edited Mar 14, 2022 11:43AM
    The cbd are not as sensitive,  I think they are 25miu 🙂 your other cb test is very pregnant! When was/is your period due?
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