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I need advice i am just new to here

Hi i am louise i am 49 years old  myself and boyfriend are wondering if this test is neg or bit shocked just at my age esp .i have a 10 year old daughter already.when we did the test it was just the line across and one down then looked this morning and it was this  anyone help thanks


  • Hi Louise, 
    I may be wrong but often they tell you to check the test only within 10/15 minutes and after that a line may appear that is an evaporation line- so not accurate. I would do another to make sure but if that crossed lined didn’t appear in the time frame then I don’t think it detected any HCG. Goodluck whichever way you’re hoping!
  • I just reread and you said it looked like a cross within the time frame… then very well could be positive!
  • Thanks im not convinsited i am pregnant as it wasnt till this moring i checked it again but goig to do another tomorow see what it says

  • i mean i checked it and it was the cross but the day before it was just one line in 1 bit and 1 in other so mabey hasnt detected it 
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