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Hello Id like to ask if my gf is pregnant

Hello  my gf was supposed to have her period in march 23,, and she got it. But its so light and no clots, she got surprised that she bled without any menstrual cramps, she has a light period since the 23rd with dots of clots.

Last night around 10pm-7AM she told me thst shes experiencing cramping that "hurts so much i cant sleep"
Also yesterday we took a stroll and she found the smell of cooking chicken unpleasant, shes also craving chocolate, and she she is dizzy but shes infront of the computer for a while now.

Her cycle is mostly 37-38 days for example: dec 1, jan 7, feb 14, march 23. We had intercourse on march 6, first i slid my genitals for a bit then i wore a condom, and im sure the condom didnt break. And her breasts has been sore until now, and she cant remember when her breast started to become sore/tender. She also wont let me test her pee for PT can anyone help? I can send pictures of her period for reference because idk much about this.

Really sorry for posting this here im running out of options and were really scared.

also um is this implantation bleeding?
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