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Bloating at 5 weeks

Hi everyone, I’m just over 5 weeks pregnant with our 2nd child. For the last week I’ve been having terrible bloating episodes which have been incredibly uncomfortable, and leading to me being sick. The discomfort is from under the chest to the belly button (upper abdomen) it occurs after eating and can last for a couple of hours. I’ve tried a few things, none of which have been successful. I was wondering if anyone else has had this, and how long did it go on for please? I didn’t have this with my daughter. Any recommendations would also be great fully  received. Tia x


  • @KB26 I'm sorry you are experiencing this. I am around 5 wk and 4 days and had that kind of discomfort last night. I wasn't sick but it is awful so I feel your pain but u fortunately have no solution 🙈

    Hope you are keeping well aside from this and congrats xx
  • Congratulations to you too! I ended up seeing the GP and he’s given me 10mg omeprozole to take daily. I’m not happy about taking anything but I really had no choice! It’s really painful. Hope yours doesn’t get too bad, take care 😊 x x
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