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Really confused about my pregnancy tests

Hello everyone! I was hoping someone would have some insight or advice for me. I had unprotected sex in early March. On March 16th when my period was supposed to come I only had spotting for 3 days, which is not normal for my cycle. I then started experiencing nausea, slight cramping, and cravings. I took a urine test and a blood test and both came back negative, but the sypmtoms persisted. I then started to break out in acne and I started having a thin, white, sticky discharge but no odor or anything like that. My period was supposed to come on April 16th, but I am now 13 days late. I took a urine test yesterday and there was a really faint line, almost not visible. Today I took another test and the line got darker, but still faint. I went to get my blood taken again and it came back negative, so I am really confused. If it was an evap line I don't think it would be darker, and my friends said they see pink. I just figured by now I would have a positive blood test since it's been so long. It is worth to mention that I had unprotected sex on April 19th as well, so its possible that maybe it's because of that time and its too early? Any advice is appreciated!
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