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Possibly pregnant?

Hello! So I am not sure if this is a place to discuss this, I have been searching the web for advice and have not found anything. 

Back story, I am a newly single parent, I recently had a one night stand with someone on April 11th

Here’s the dilemma, I am unsure if I was spotting or just a very very odd period. (With one of my kids implantation bleeding was mistaken as a period due to being so heavy, never had any pregnancy symptoms with my kids) I usually have super heavy periods, really bad cramping to the point I feel like my uterus is trying to kill me. If I get out of bed from a night of my period it’s horrible and gets everywhere, I will go through a box of tampons in three days.

April I was suppose to start on the 24th, I started on the 27th with brown spotting. Figured it was just old blood, then the next day on the 26th it went to a pink/orangish (not normal period blood), I was able to get away with a pad and only changed it once. The 28th I only had liners and changed the liner once as well. I seriously didn’t even feel like I was on my period. The 29th I had nothing, then the 30th it was back and fourth pink and brown only when I wiped. This morning on the 1st some brown again but has stopped later through the day.  My periods only last 3-4 days despite how bad they are. Which they are really bad. I did test the day of me being late and it said negative, I tested again 27th then tested yesterday, however I accidentally messed the test up by peeing on the part where it tells you if it’s neg or positive 😡 I’m have no such luck lol. I am just freaking out because it was a one night stand and I wasn’t expecting on seeing this person again let alone talk to them.


  • I should also state that the only time I peed on the stick early in the morning was when I messed up the test!!
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