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Brown stringy discharge

Hey guys. I’ve not been on here since I had the miscarriage last year. Anyway few months back I went to the dr and said I was struggling to conceive so she took my bloods and for 2 months on the trot my day 21 progesterone levels were borderline. Anyhow turns out I’m pregnant (now 5 weeks). Obviously a paranoid wreck about it but the dr basically said to wait and see what happens. The last few days I’ve had like coffee grounds, brown, stringy discharge, mostly when im wiping and a general uncomfortable feeling in my tummy like I’ve been holding a pee too long. Is this normal? I’ve got my booking appointment tomorrow with a midwife so I’ll speak to her too but I’m just wondering if anyone else has had this or it’s been another miscarriage? I’m assuming if it was a miscarriage I’d have period like blood? Thanks. 


  • @mmc2k6xxx I hope your appt went well? Some people bleed a little at start but all is OK 🙏 xx
  • Well I’m still bleeding, still brown but there is fresh blood. Can’t get a scan until the 16th. So I’m pretty sure it has been another miscarriage. But it is different from the last one which is making me hopeful. Just have to wait and see I guess xx
  • @mmc2k6xxx aw that's a long wait for you. I really hope all is okay at the scan 🙏 will be thinking of you xx
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