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Confused what to do!

Hi guys , this is my first time on a forum and I’m here because I really need some advice. 
I got pregnant and the baby’s dad told me to get rid. I told him I got rid through text message as he got a little nasty and 3 months in to the pregnancy he was at my door asking me if I was stilll pregnant, I don’t like to lie and I couldn’t lie to his face. So I told him. Yes I’m still pregnant, he’s been around every other few weeks constantly telling me he’s finding it hard and when he does come he dosnt talk about the baby he dosnt ask how I’ve been he just comes for sex in my eyes. 
With him being the baby’s dad and him acting like the baby’s dosnt exsist pretty much and told me he had no choice about this baby coming in to the world. 
I asked what shall I do when the baby is on its way and he said call him. 
I have bad MH and with me being pregnant  not fully medicated so I do struggle but I have Borderline personality disorder and I feel bad on him all the time. I feel guilty knowing he dosnt want it. But then tells me he caRnt just walk away. He’s never been to a scan he’s never once asked how the baby is doing he dosnt talk about it. 
I feel like I’m just sex to him just like when we first started seeing each other. Just fun. But I don’t feel that fun anymore I feel the father of my unborn and it’s hard to deal with. I constantly wonder should I be the one to walk away because it makes me mentally unwell but I don’t no what to do in this situation because if he wants to be a dad I caRnt take that away from him , I know I shouldn’t sleep with him but the feelings grown what should I do ? 


  • If you feel like you’re just sex to him and it’s not something you enjoy or want to do anymore you should just cut him off and get ready to raise this baby as a single mother. You can do this!
  • Thankyou for the reply. 
    So he messaged the other day and told me he does not want anything to do with the baby and that am selfish for keeping her because it’s not what he wanted. 8 months later. 
    I don’t feel to bad as it’s kind of made things easier for me to move on alone and like you say accept I’m going to do this alone. 

  • You go girl! You’re not selfish for keeping your own baby! You’re doing the right thing! When are you due?
  • And you can raise this girl on your own! I’m raising three of them as a single mother so I should know!
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