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Small age gap advice


im pregnant with baby no.3. I have a 7 and 18m yr old. 

I’m really nervous about having 2 small children, under 2! I know so many people do it but when I see people I always just think how do you function 😄 
Having 1 baby to look after while others at school is fine and we have our routine. I’m just trying to figure out how I add a new born into that while running after a toddler. 
The âge gap might sound nothing, it could be worse but to me ive always wanted a good 3-4yrs between 😄 
Any advice mams on how you do it would be great! :) 


  • @CharHughes congrats. I'd like to know the answer to this also. I am pregnant with my second and if all goes well my son will be 21 months when this little on arrives. 2 under 2 seems overwhelming but I reckon it is one of those things you just kind of figure out as you go and it will all work out okay ☺️ That's what I'm telling myself anyways lol xx
  • Following for tips. If this pregnancy is healthy my baby will be 18 months when it’s born. Help!.. 
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