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Am I pregnant?

I am currently 2 days late for my period. I have been experiencing non-stop bloating, occasional nausea and sore breasts for the past week or so. 3 days ago, I took 3 pregnancy tests in the morning- 1 rapid first response, 1 purple Walmart brand and 1 clear blue digital. The first response had a very faint line and the clear blue came back “pregnant”. I was overjoyed. I showed my husband, but he was not convinced since the line was light on the first response and no line on the Walmart one. I told him I would retest the next morning. I woke up at 3am that night and had to pee, so I took another test- a first response rapid, and I didn’t see a line. I figured it was just a bad test and decided to test again in the morning. I took a clear blue digital (the type that was positive the day before) and it said not pregnant. It has been 2 days since the negative, but I still have all the same symptoms, so I feel like I am psyching myself out. I took another digital test this afternoon and it came back negative again.  I still have not had my period or any cramping. Is there still a possibility that I am pregnant, or do I just need to let it go? I know there is a possibility of a chemical pregnancy, but I still feel pregnant. I just can’t get these tests to agree with me. 
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