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Is it miscarriage? Pregnant?


I wanted to know what's been happening to me twice now, last month and now.

Last month, I had unprotected sex, few days after ovulation. 10 days later, I had super heavy period/bleeding. It was not my usual period.

My usual bleeding is little blood,brown, then gradually in the next hours, it's increasing but okay. The second day is the heaviest. Usually it lasts 6-7 days.

Last month, the day before bleeding,I had brown blood but very little, almost nothing. The next day, I had little blood from about 3 am. Pain the stomach was increasing the next hours. Then after about 11am, I think I began bleeding. All the day, it was so heavy that it stains my pants and filled completely my protection, too much blood.
It never happens to the point that it fills pad AND going on my jeans.

The second day, it was super heavy again. I even noted than it was not even 4 hours past, my pad was already filled too much.

The third day almost no more blood. Just little I think.

I think something happened. I was having all PMS, tender breasts ... but I was really much more tired than usual .

Recently I had unprotected sex again last Saturday. According to my calendar, my due period was on last Tuesday but they began on Monday. 

On May 6, my breasts began to be painful like when my period comes. It was rather early. And since what happened last month, I think my hormones were messed up so I didn't know what to expect.

Since then, my breasts were in pain just like PMS. One week ago, my breasts began to swollen.

There were really bigger than usual.
May 14, we had intercourse. 
May 15, afternoon,  I had little brown spotting Here and there during the day.

May 16,  I had stomach pain a little from morning. I had like a sting, a pinch in the stomach, like something burning. It was brief
Near evening, I had blood normally like period. I was super tired btw. Also cramps from time to time

May 17 morning, my pad was super filled ,heavy bleeding. It stained my underwear. It was way too heavy, just like last month.
All day it was heavy bleeding. Had to change much my pads.

Yesterday, May 18, it was finally like normal flow of blood.

Today, no more blood, then a little blood again since afternoon. I had to put a pad again.

I guess today will the last day.

Sorry it's kinda like a draft. Can someone tell me what's happening? Am I having miscarriage since last month? Was I pregnant ?  Twice ?

It happened twice, does it mean I will never be able to be pregnant normally? It's scaring me. I wanna have kids one day

Thank you for reading this and helping me see clearly 

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