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Pregnant at 40! Not sure what to do

Can anyone give any advice I turned 40 8 weeks ago and just found out I’m pregnant! I’m far from an old 40 year old and people tend to think I’m in my late 20s. My issue is I’m a single mum of a 3 and 4 year old. All from same father including the fetas I’m currently carrying. How can I possibly take care of a new born feeding throughout the night take my daughter to preschool and son to nursery and function! ….. I have no idea how far along I am so doctor calling me today, I only found out yesterday. Boobs bigger already and the awful taste in mouth that won’t go for past 3 weeks. Uggggg! 


  • Congratulations! It’s a blessing! I’m a (just turned 40) single mother of a newborn girl! She’s my miracle baby born after I was told I probably couldn’t conceive again! Are you and the baby’s father still a couple? Will you be doing this on your own or together?
  • Hi Bsonja, 
    we are together but he doesn’t want, he doesn’t help with anything so it would just be me on my own. I’m a hotel really never helped with bills etc. not with kids. I now have a scan but having to wait 5 weeks. Very stressful for me. 
    Have you found it hard at 40? Xx
  • Hi Kllyh!
     I’m sorry to hear that he’s not as involved with taking care of his kids as he was involved in making them! Lol! I know how that is! When I found out I was pregnant with my youngest the man responsible told me he wasn’t ready to be a father and he’s since gone back to Nigeria and hasn’t even seen his daughter.
    I think it’s probably easier for me because I have my older daughter here with me and we’re raising my daughter and my granddaughter as single mothers together! So even though we’re both single moms and the men aren’t participating we’re not doing it alone!
    I feel for you! Do you have any support network you can rely on?
  • Hi hun 
    I have my mum but I haven’t told her yet. She’ll give me moral support but I’m worried financially, I don’t work as I can’t afford childcare for my 3 year old , I was planning on going back to work next year full time and had been applying for a part time job 1-2 days a week now when my son is at nursery 1 full day a week . I can’t help thinking it’s cruel to have a baby when I can’t afford it. Especially with the cost of living at the moment is basically just surviving not living. I haven’t bought myself a thing in 5 years as the kids money is there money which is only right but my money pays gas electric water tv licence and food. Really I think I’ve answered my own question there and then, …. Thank you for you kind words I appreciate it. 
  • Hey Lovely,
     I’m so sorry about the bind you’re in! It’s so like that for so many working moms especially when we’re single. The world expects us to go out and earn our keep but make it so hard for the childcare we need. 
    Do you network at all with other moms in your area? Maybe you could help each other out? I know in my case me and my sister, who’s also a working single mother, have always been like second moms to each other’s kids and me and some of my friends who are single or partnered moms have helped each other out.
    All of us moms and particularly us single moms should be a village for each other!
    Praying for you and your little ones! You’ll kill it with this one just like your others! I know it!
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