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TTC after loss / implantation pain

Gosh where to start. I had silent miscarriage at 18 weeks a few months ago. Baby was only measuring just over 13 weeks with no heartbeat. I has scan at 14 weeks everything was ok. I did have alot of pain through out my pregnancy (worse than the labour pains) but was checked and they said nothing was wrong. I had found out in my 11 week scan that I have some small fibroids (biggest was 4cm)  so they put the pain down to that. The genetic tests from baby came back clear . My husband and I have had bloods taken for multiple different tests and we're waiting on results. We have decided to try again as we're in our late 30s and feel like time may not be on our side if there is any problems 😢. 
The last month we were unsuccessful and for the two weeks after I was so down.  This month we tried again and I'm now 7/8dpo and for the last 2 days awful sharp pains in my uterus. Could this be implantation pain? Has anyone else experienced this sharp pain?  I'm scared and don't want to get my hopes up 😞😥
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