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What is going on??

I  had my first  scan because I was bleeding and had abdominal pain.. But my gestational sac measured greater that crl.. My gestational sac measured 3. 29cm and the crl was 1 cm.. is this normal  for my gestational sac to date 8wks 6 days and my baby is small ?


  • My LMP: 24 November 2021

    Due: 31 August 2022

    Conception: 8th December (roughly based on 14 days past LMP date)

    However based on size of peanut, at my then 9 weeks scan, Baby is actually due on 11 September 2022

    This dates conception as 19th December 2021 which is impossible!!

    I have 28 day cycles and my the gestational sac measured 32.9 mm which is consistent with 9 weeks but baby measuring 7 weeks?? Has anybody had something like this??

    Literally at 9 weeks was dated 7+3
  • Just to update for anyone who might be going through something similar to mine and is anxious. My pregnancy carried on very well and my baby was born on the 31st of August 2022 as I had predicted and according to the hospital she was 11 days early 🙄

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