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Nausea experienced by pregnant women

Hi, I'm a student and would like to know if the pregnant women here can help me with a survey. I had a few questions about how does nausea effect your day to day life during pregnancy. And whether you have looked for a cure by contacting your GP or trying any over the counter medications? If you guys could please help me, I would like to post a survey link instead to record your response to help my research. Thank you!


  • I'm only six-seven weeks and nausea has really impacted my day to day. I talked to a dr at urgent care and they told me to eat smaller meals and try ginger. I constantly feel blah. It's really been a rollercoaster on my digestive system. TMI: If it's not loose stools and nausea then it's horrible cramps and constipation. The nausea just kinda has lingered non stop. I have to try to find ways to distract myself. Open to taking a survey!
  • Hello, I am 10 weeks pregnant and have been struggling with nausea for last 3 weeks. My taste has changed and I have a heightened sense of smell which adds to my nausea (smell of cooking meals etc). I have lived off of plain foods such as crusty bread and digestive biscuits because I have gone off most foods. I am really beginning to worry that I am not getting enough nutrition for my baby. I’ve started trying to introduce dried or tinned fruits into my diet but it all makes me feel so sick. Just staying hopeful that it may pass in another few weeks! 
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